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Other Tools

This page is a repository of valuable tools and resources offered by the Band Community, including monitoring systems, dashboards, and versatile platforms. These resources are designed to enhance your capabilities and are backed by Band Community's commitment to support your needs.


The following page contains links to third-party content. Band Protocol does not endorse or provide support for these contributions.

To contribute your own resource, simply click on Edit this page at the bottom, insert your resource using Markdown formatting, and then initiate a pull request for the submission to be reviewed.

ContributionDescriptionAuthorDate added/updated
Chain Information PlatformThis platform provides information about the network, validators, public nodes, etc.ECO Stake2023-10-20
RestakeREStake allows validators to auto-compound your Band staking rewards.ECO Stake2023-11-25
Prometheus ExporterExporter allows validators to get data in real-time directly from the yoda process, and easily plug into their existing monitoring/alerting systems.Forbole2023-07-08
Network VisualizerThe network visualizer shows a graphical view of all the Band nodes are distributed by country and data center on map.High Stakes2023-11-25
RPC ScannerThe tool scan the network and produce a list of nodes that publish their RPC endpoints.kjnodes2023-10-22
Proposal ScanThe tool scan the network and produce a list of proposals: active, passed, rejected.Nodeist2023-11-27
Validator ScanValidator Scanning is designed to comprehensively assess most valuable ones validators. For example, the number of days since the validator was created is indicated; validators without avatars, those categorized as jailed, or those marked as inactive are excluded.Nodeist2023-11-27
Reward calculatorThe tool used to estimate the potential earnings or returns that can be gained by staking.OpenStake2023-08-02
Band VRF WorkerVRF Worker is an off-chain service used for relaying VRF random value requests and results between the BandChain and the client chain (e.g. Ethereum).Pete Karoonkornsakul2023-08-10